MARABA is an independent lighting design studio based in Lanzarote and Madrid specializing in architectural, urban and landscape lighting.

This project was born with the dream of promoting lighting design, using light as a fundamental work tool, integrating other design disciplines, contributing ideas and solutions that result in a unanimous, creative and innovative vision.

“We understand LIGHT as a tool to enhance architecture through a process of integration in the design; using light and shadow to improve the perception of the visual environment”. Paula Martínez Abad, Founder and Creative Director of MARABA studio.

In 2020, with the intention of globalizing and integrating new additions to the team, it was decided to re-brand; MARABA was born, the current image of the studio.

Since its founding in 2015, first as ABAD Lighting Design Studio, the studio has developed projects of different magnitude and programs such as: historical heritage buildings, museums, Retail, Contract, landscape, health and educational centres, among others.



LIGHT IS ENERGY that travels at 299.792.458 kilometers per second, a constantly changing spectrum, intangible and invisible, but its enormous capacity and beauty make everything visible, shaping everything around us.

THE POWER OF LIGHT is able to influence our behaviour and our feelings, changing the perception we have of the world. It provides comfort and well-being.

LIGHTING IS IN CONSTANT EVOLUTION. Humans have been trying to tame light for eight hundred years, from the discovery of fire, to the development of LED in the digital era. Light is past, present and future.

All these factors are taken into account when facing a project, considering light as an element that interacts with the environment and its relationship with the different elements of space.



‘Collaboration is synonymous with success’

We all work for the same purpose, and it is to achieve excellence in each project. That is why we consider the collaboration between the different technical groups involved in the project (architects, engineers, interior designers, landscape designers …) to be essential, thus achieving a joint vision of the project.


Project Director
Architect + Lighting Designer

Creative Director
Architect + Lighting Designer